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As a daughter to two dentists, from a young age I always thought I would follow in their footsteps into dentistry. When I was 16 my parents uprooted our family from Honduras to Canada to pursue a better quality of life. Shortly after, when it came time to fill in the college applications – my mom encouraged me to pursue something outside of dentistry to truly embrace the creativity that she saw in me my entire childhood.

Four years later I had a fancy (expensive!) piece of paper or should I say – my Bachelor of Interior Design. This fancy piece of paper did land me some exciting design jobs, working in a high-end design firm specializing in kitchens and bathrooms and later on in high-end furnishings. It was then that my interest for residential spaces grew strong and realized I wanted to help people transform their homes through my own design company. Coming from a large family, I know how important the home is, and I love designing spaces to welcome and host - custom created for you and your loved ones.