Wooden Black Frame Dining Chairs

March 27, 2020

We love designing dining rooms! Probably because that's where the food is served(amiright?!). But also because it is a room that can be minimal, but have lots of character - every piece selected counts! Most dining rooms can accommodate 4-8 seats at a minimum, which means chairs add up quickly to that overall room budget. Hence why it is important to allow for a healthy budget for quality dining room chairs. 

We've rounded up our favorite wooden black frame dining chairs. These picks can instantly modernize your space, and we specially recommend them if you're looking to add interest to a standard looking table. They have striking form and color!  We usually opt to source a wooden frame, rather than metal frame, when we want a light-weight chair, and are looking to add warmth and character to a space through the use of wooden pieces. 

**All chairs available through Dala Decor our preferred supplier in Ottawa. ON. Use code fabfind10 for 10% off your order!** 

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