Staging for Real Estate

By Fabiola Design helps you create inspiring first impressions that will make a home more attractive, memorable, and, most importantly, desirable to home buyers. Our specialty is the enhancement of residential spaces - maximizing their functionality and value to achieve a faster sale.
Show a home for all it's worth!

Does your client’s home need a serious revamp and refresh before hitting the market? Provide them with expert advice on decluttering, the best furniture layout options for each room, and how to neutralize the home so it appeals to a wider audience.

What does the realtor package includes?
  • A 1-2 hour on site meeting at your client’s home.
  • Room by room expert advice on how to stage/declutter/rearrange belongings to allow for a more marketable and clean presentation of the home.
  • Review of personal furnishings & accessories to make on-site quick suggestions to update the home during our visit.
  • A personalized room-by-room breakdown of suggestions to further present the best layout, & design prior to the home being listed.
**Report will be sent to you directly so you may present this to your clients.
Package starting at $220 per 3 bedroom house or approximate 2000sqft home.
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